Classes are scheduled around Pams work schedule, and will be posted usually between the first and second week of the previous month. 
REMINDER: Payment is due at time of registration.   Until payment is received you are not registered for a class.  Students who's payments are not received in a timely manner will be replaced by a student who pays first.  Students must register themselves for class.

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Students will not be rescheduled except for emergencies with documentation. We do not reschedule or give refunds  if you are called into work.   If you are registered for a class and cannot make it, you can find another student to take your place.    WE NEED TO ASSURE THAT ALL STUDENTS NEEDING CLASSES ARE TAKEN CARE OF.    If a class you want to take fills up before you have made payment, you will have to take a different class.  Spots cannot be held without payment due to the amount of students that are requesting classes.  AGAIN THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING OR REFUNDS IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE CLASS YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR .

Class Prices:

BLS Recertification $50.00

ACLS:   Certification $200.00  Plus book $40 1 time these book will be good until 2021. This book is   mandatory for class

ACLS Recertification $225.00 Plus book $40 1 time these book will be good until 2021.
This book is mandatory for class

PALS Certification: $235.00 Book Included until the new PALS books arrive

PALS Recertification: $210.00

2015 Books are mandatory for all classes.  Books have been shippedd . ECC handbooks are available for $30. (they include updates for BLS, ACLS, and PALS)   Students are required to bring book to class with them.    ACLS Books are $40.00 and PALS Books $45.00.  7th edition NRP books will be coming out soon, until then we are using 6th edition.

NRP: $100.00 call for NRP instructions

Basic EKG:  $100.00

Telemetry.. $350.00

Lost cards can be replaced at a cost of $20.00

If you are taking ACLS or PALS  class you must have a current card. If your card is expired you will be required to take the 2 day certification class. .

  Class schedules will be posted after Pam receives her work schedule for that month. ( Usually 4 -5 weeks previous) If you want preference get on the call list for the month. Send Therese an email with your name number and class preference. You will be contacted when the schedule is made.

April Classes:

ACLS Recertification Monday April 25 9am 3 spots 

NRP Wednesday April 27 10am  FULL

Basic EKG Friday April 29 9am FULL

ACLS Recertification Saturday April 30 9am FULL

MAY Classes:

PALS Recertification  Monday May 2 9am  FULL

ACLS Certification Thursday-Friday May 5-6 9am  FULL

ACLS Recertification Saturday May 7 9am  Full

ACLS Certification Sunday May 8, 8AM Monday May 9 8:30am 4 spots

 NRP Wednesday May 11 10am FULL

ACLS Recertification Friday May 13 9am  FULL

ACLS Recertification Saturday May 14 9am  FULL

PALS Certification Saturday- Sunday May  21-22   8:30 am Full 

ACLS Recertification Monday May 23 8:30 am Full

NRP Thursday May 26 10am  4 spots